To Do:

  1. Register for classes for the upcoming semester (15+ credits) at Howard as if you were going to attend classes on campus- Required.
  2. Fill out Residence Life Departure Form HERE and inform your RA that you plan to move out to study abroad. (Not Required for summer study abroad)
  3. Get your passport ASAP and inquire about how to get a visa, if applicable.
  4. Remove all financial holds on HU account.
  5. Fill out the Study Abroad Budget Form HERE
  6. Register for the STEP Program HERE
  7. Apply for a travel visa IF your study abroad country requires one. Can can be done with the support of the program provider only after they provide you a program acceptance letter.
  8. Attend pre-departure workshops at Bunche Center (Listed Below)
  9. Attend the Mandatory Pre-departure Orientation in the RBC


For ALL students going abroad in the summer or fall TWO (plus the Pre-departure Orientation) of the following events will be REQUIRED Workshops

  •  Monday, April 16, 4-5pm,  “Intercultural Competency Development- What is it? Why is it important?”
  • Tues, April 17, 4-5pm “HBCU to PWI: The Inner group dynamics within the study abroad participation group”
  • Weds April 18, 4-5pm “Post-Study Abroad: What will you have to show from your time abroad?”
  • Thurs April 19, 4-5pm  “First Time Travelers Abroad: What to Know Before You Go”
  • Friday, April 20, 4-5pm “#Studyabroadsoblack: W,W,W,W,W, How are YOU part of this movement?”
  • Monday, April 23, 6-7:30pm Are you an Afropolitan?
  • Summer 2018 Pre-Departure Orientation – Wednesday, April 25, 6 pm- 7:00 pm.– REQUIRED
  • Fall 2018 Pre-Departure Orientation- Saturday, April 21, 9:00am.–  REQUIRED






Final day to complete study abroad program partner application.


Spring 2018 Application Closes. No new applications will be accepted.


All applicants will be reviewed by Financial Aid, International Student Services, Judicial Affairs and Student Affairs to confirm suitability for study abroad.


International Education Week! During this week, the entire world celebrates the purpose and impact of study abroad! ALL HU Bison Abroad applicants are required to attend three of the five sessions.


Deadline to withdraw from study abroad program*, have ALL holds removed from student account, and/or to submit all additional documents required for HU Bison Abroad application.


Notification sent to any student deemed unsuitable to study abroad based on student account hold status at Howard.


Study abroad academic course block placed on student account to indicate off-campus study abroad status. All courses previously registered for will be dropped.
All courses previously registered for will be dropped.


Official Spring 2018 Predeparture Orientation *Mandatory* RBC, 1st floor, 9:30am- 12pm.
**NOTE: Should you have any holds on your Bison account, they must be cleared by November 17. Failure to clear account holds will result in the inability to study abroad in the spring
**NOTE: Cancellation Fees by the provider may apply for program cancellation.