• Friday Tabling in Blackburn– RBC Staff will promote the SA Fair and Info Session, from 12- 2pm. A sign in, trivia game, quick survey need be developed- ASAP. Topic for discussion this month- FINANCING STUDY ABROAD.
  • Monthly Engagement with Residence Halls – RBC/BB staff aims to collaborate with HU Ras to program within the residence hall. Additional, support creating study abroad bulletin boards is available.
  • Study Abroad Info Session-Bunche Brigade (BB) members/ RBC Student Staff will facilitate SA info sessions on a weekly basis, Tuesdays and Wednesday, 3-4pm, 1st floor, RBC.


  • “Welcome Back Bison” Returnee Mixer- On August 31, 6pm-8pm, we will host a “Welcome Back Bison” mixer for all of the Bison that studied abroad during the spring and summer 2017. This will be a time for the students to reconnect with each other and the RBC. During this event, we will introduce the new ambassadors for program partners, provide a calendar of upcoming SA returnee (specific) and study abroad (general) events. This event will be held at the Bunche Center or outside in the valley. Refreshments SPONSORED BY IES ABROAD will be provided!


  • RBC Student Ambassador Interest Meeting-Sept 5, 5pm, RBC. During this event, we will re-introduce the new Ambassadors working with Program Partners and discuss the year ahead for the Bunche Center/Study Abroad.
  • SA application Opening Kick-Off Event & Study Abroad Fair (SAF) On Sept. 6th, 2017, from 11:00am-2:00pm in the Reading Room of Blackburn student center, our office will hold the 2nd annual SAF at Howard. Representatives from Howard departments that send students abroad and the program partners used for semester and summer study abroad will be present. 
  • Study Abroad Info Session Training– Sept 5, 3-4pm. BB members interested in facilitating SA info sessions will be required to sit-in on a session this month, take notes, and practice.
  • Greeks Abroad Pt. 1: Fraternities & Pt.2 Sororities: Sept 18 & 19th, 6:30-8:30pm. Location: First floor, RBC.


  • Teaching English Panel Discussion- October 5 (TH), 5-6pm. Discuss teaching abroad and overview of application deadlines. Representatives from JET, CIEE, and Learning Enterprise will be present. Location: First floor, RBC.
  • SA Returnee Night of Reflection: #studyabroadsoblack (video/photo/art Exhibition)– October 12, 2017, from 6:30- 8:30pm, we will host an event that will showcase the visual take-aways students brought back from their time abroad. Through photos, film, writing, etc. students will share with the HU community what living and learning outside of the US has meant to them. *Refreshments* Location: Bunche Center, 1st
  • Study Abroad Info Session Training– Sept 5, 3-4pm. BB members interested in facilitating SA info sessions will be required to sit-in on a session this month, take notes, and practice.
  • Being a Black Woman Abroad- discussion on perceptions of black women internationally. Goal provide insight, share experiences, and collaborate with students who have studied abroad, counseling office and self-defense specialist. Date and Time TBD. Inquiry within the RBC for more info.
  • SA Homecoming Representation– BB members/ambassadors will  table & “be visible” during the week of Homecoming to promote and answer questions about studying abroad!
  • Returnee Program: How to talk about your SA experience & Translating your SA experience into a career: Tues, Oct. 17, 5pm, RBC first floor! Rangel Fellowship staff and AIFS Ambassadors participation.
  • October 25th, Study Abroad Application Deadline.


International Education Week! (November 13- 17) 

Two workshops will be required for ALL students studying abroad during spring 2018 

Time & Location: 5:00pm-6:00pm, First Floor, RBC.

  • Monday, Nov. 13:  Intercultural Competency Development- What is it? How do you gain it?
  • Tuesday, Nov. 14:  We Are All American: Inner group dynamics within the study abroad participation group (managing expectations, awareness of self (strengths and weaknesses), role of the program staff, etc.).
  • Wednesday, Nov. 15: Traveling on the cheap- Solo and with friends, what to know before you go. (Requested guest: Hostel International)
  • Thursday, Nov. 16: Planning your SA “Take Away:” Discuss doing research abroad, creating videos, writing, etc.
  • Friday, Nov. 17: #studyabroadsoblack: W,W,W,W,W, How are YOU part of the movement? What does is mean to you to become a Bison Abroad? How to behave abroad.


  • Pre-Departure Orientation, Spring 2018–  This will take place on December 1, 2017. This year, our office is going to focus mostly on preparing students to SA by connecting them with their on-campus resources (Title IX, Judicial Affairs, Counseling, Career Services, Academic Advising, Financial Aid, etc.). In addition, we aim to cover issues related to intercultural competency development, research project planning, professional development, and being a minority abroad (within the peer group and foreign country context).