• Friday Tabling in Blackburn– RBC Staff will promote the SA Fair and Info Session, from 12- 2pm. A sign in, trivia game, quick survey need be developed- ASAP. Topic for discussion this month- FINANCING STUDY ABROAD.
  • Study Abroad Info Session-Bunche Brigade (BB) members/ RBC Student Staff will facilitate SA info sessions on a weekly basis, Tuesdays and Wednesday, 3-4pm, 1st floor, RBC.


  • Study Abroad Summer and Fall Application Kick-Off- January 5! 
  • Summer Study Abroad Interest Meeting –  1/17 (Tues) 3-4pm
  • Study Abroad Info Sessions Begin-  1/18 (Weds) 3-4pm.
  • Welcome Back Bison Abroad Meet Up- On January 31, from 5-6pm, the RBC welcomes all fall 2017 Bison Abroad alum to come and reconnect with each other and the Bunche Center! During this event we will talk about ways to get involved on campus with the RBC, provide a calendar of upcoming Study Abroad Alum (specific) and study abroad (general) events  and just catch up on your time abroad!  Refreshments will be provided!
  • Spring Bunche Brigade Interest Meeting– January 31, 6-7 pm. During this event, we will discuss the semester ahead for the Bunche Center/Study Abroad.


  • Why Study Abroad, how to do so, and how to fund it?!  – 2/7, 5-6pm.
  • Fall 2017 Bison Abroad Alum Night of Reflection Video/Photo Exhibition– February 21, from 6:00- 8:00 pm. At this event see what studying abroad was like through the eyes of HU students who spent the fall 2017 semester abroad. Through photos, film, writing, etc. students will share with the HU community what living and learning outside of the US has meant to them. *


  • Pre-Passport Drive Application Processing– 3/1.
  • First Time Abroad Travelers’ Workshop- 3/5, 4-5pm
  • Spring CIEE Co-Sponsored Passport Drive– March 7, 2017, Blackburn Center Rm.


Two of the five following events will be REQUIRED Workshops for all students going abroad during fall 2018 (Schedule TBD):

Intercultural Competency Development- What is it? How do you gain it? Why is it important?

We Are All American: Inner group dynamics within the study abroad participation group. 

Traveling on the cheap- What to Know Before You Go.

Planning Your Study Abroad “Take Away.” What do you want to have to show from your time abroad?

#studyabroadsoblack: W,W,W,W,W, How are YOU part of this movement sweeping the US? 


  • How to translate your study abroad experience after you return (4/18, 5-7pm)
  • Study Abroad Research Exhibition (During HU Research Week)– 4/12, weds, 12-2pm.  During this event, SA Returnees will showcase their areas of research abroad and their findings. Awards will be given to those who participate in this inaugural event.
  • Being Black Abroad vs. Being Black in the US: A Discussion about the Perspectives of Black Int’l students in the US and Black American students after they have studied abroad (4/23, Mon, 6-7:30 pm)
  • Summer 2018 Pre-Departure Orientation – Wednesday, April 25, 6 pm- 7:00 pm.
  • Fall 2018 Pre-Departure Orientation- Saturday, April 28, 10-12pm.

Programs TBD for Spring 2018:

  • Being a Black Woman Abroad- This session will discuss the experiences and perceptions of black women internationally. The goal is to provide insight, shared experiences, and connect students who have studied abroad with those who want to study abroad.